Introducing: REV-4T Sliding Engine Mount

REV-4T Sliding Engine MountREV-4T Sliding Engine Mount

The REV-4T is an 8° Mount designed with two philosophies in mind, Performance and Usability. It is also available in a more aggressive 14° version, coming March 2021.



The mount is designed using the highest quality aluminum on state-of-the-art CNC machines producing accuracy to +/- 0.01mm. This ensures the truest possible mount for the consumer. “Mount wobble” is eliminated with this design making sure that your chassis performs at its maximum. Accuracy is an imperative aspect to drive train loss. With our CNC machines we are able to ensure that the engine is 90.01° true to the rear axle. This means that your chain will always track perfectly.


The REV 4T also promotes cooler crankcase temperatures through REV advanced cooling technology. This limits engine power loss due to increasing engine temperatures throughout longer races.


The REV-4T mount was designed by mechanics for mechanics with a multitude of factors considered.
• The REV-4T mount utilizes the slider plate system that ensures ease to the consumer. No longer will mechanics battle back and forth to find the ideal chain tension.
• With our high slider plate lip design and the wider bottom mount stance the engine will balance perfectly without the bolt to tighten the engine down. This makes it much easier to set chain tension without the need to support the engine from falling over.
• Our top plate offers extra holes to ensure you are never limited by the support rail that is often found under the engine. If your engine position is to far forward or back the consumer simply relocates the bolt to the next available hole eliminating the need to quickly change the chain length.

• Our Top Plate offers a wide variety of adjustments to allow the engine to fit on all chassis.


The REV-4T mount system comes complete with: REV-4TB engine mount base, REV-4TP Top plate, Stainless Hardware (4 x engine mount studs, 4 x M8 Flanged nuts and 4 x M10 securing bolts).



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